30 Mar 2012

Broadband service targets NZ TV viewers

7:06 am on 30 March 2012

Australian listed movie and television streaming service, Quickflix, says it will steal some customers from Sky Television Network in New Zealand.

The on-demand broadband service has just launched on this side of the Tasman, and allows customers to watch movies and TV shows on their computers and certain TVs for $17 a month.

About 650 films from major Hollywood studios and hundreds of BBC shows will initially be available.

Digital television markets in New Zealand are dominated by Sky TV, which is about to launch a stripped down internet-based service, Igloo.

Quickflix chief executive, Chris Taylor, says it has cut a deal with broadband providers to make its service unmetered - so it doesn't count towards customers' data usage.

Technology commentator Peter Griffin says Quickflix has an uphill battle ahead of it and will face challenges providing content which people want to watch.

As ultrafast broadband rolls out across the country, people can expect greater competition in this field, he says.