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Inquiry begins as hundreds still missing

Distraught relatives of ferry passengers have maintained an agonising vigil on shore waiting for any news.

The South Korean government has set up an investigation into the ferry disaster amid anger from grieving relatives. Nine people have died and almost 300 are still missing.

Pro-Russia activists killed in Ukraine

Pro-Russia activists block a column of Ukrainian men in the city of Kramatorsk.

Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov says three pro-Russian activists have been killed and 13 injured while attempting to raid a military base in the Black Sea port of Mariopol.

Mini-sub completes first search

The deep sea mini-sub is being deployed from Australian defence ship the Ocean Shield.

Australian officials say a robotic mini-submarine searching for the missing Malaysian airliner deep in the southern Indian Ocean has completed its mission in the third attempt.

Pakistani Taliban won't extend ceasefire

The Pakistani Taliban has refused to extend a ceasefire which it declared last month to facilitate peace talks with the Pakistani government.

Kidnapped girls sought in Nigeria

Security forces in Nigeria are still searching for 100 teenage girls abducted from a school in the northeastern state of Borno late on Monday.

Hundreds missing after ferry capsizes

South Korean ferry capsizes.

A major rescue effort is continuing for almost 300 people missing after a ferry capsized and sank off South Korea. Officials say two bodies have been recovered and 164 people rescued.

Plane search drone hits early snag

The Bluefin-21 searched for only six hours before being retrieved.

The robotic submarine launched to find debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet has aborted its first mission after only six hours.

'More aid needed' for Solomon Islands

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Aid organisations are buying in more supplies for Solomon Islands in the aftermath of deadly flooding but it may not arrive for weeks.

Japanese MPs want whaling to continue

Japanese whaling ship Yushin Maru No. 3 back in port in Yamaguchi.

MPs in Japan have demanded the government re-design its scientific whaling programme to circumvent an International Court of Justice ruling that described the programme as an unlawful commercial hunt.

Armed carriers enter east Ukraine town

A pro-Russia activist guards a barricade outside the regional police building in Slavyansk.

Six armoured troop carriers entered the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk on Wednesday carrying the Russian national flag and the banner of pro-Russian separatists, an eyewitness says.

Solomons evacuation centres struggle

The quakes occurred as Solomon Islands recovers from flash floods.

The United Nations children's support agency UNICEF says people could be in evacuation centres on Guadalcanal for months yet, following devastating floods.

Ambassador to Libya kidnapped

Jordan's ambassador to Libya has been kidnapped after masked gunmen attacked his car and shot his driver.

Pistorius accused of changing evidence

Oscar Pistorious broke down while being cross-examined.

The prosecution in the murder trial of South African runner Oscar Pistorius has accused the athlete of tailoring evidence to back up his defence.

NSW to have new premier

A bottle of Penfolds Grange 1959 at Wine House in Melbourne.

New South Wales is to have a new premier, following the resignation of Barry O'Farrell over a $A3000 bottle of wine. State treasurer Mike Baird is expected to be his successor.

Anniversary of Boston Marathon bombings

A crowd gathered on Boylston Street near the marathon's finish line on Tuesday.

Boston has paid solemn tribute to the victims and survivors of the marathon bombings, observing a moment of silence and raising the United States flag exactly one year after the attacks.

Ukraine cracks down on separatists

Pro-Russia militiamen storm a police building in the eastern city of Horlivka and detain the head of the regional police.

Ukrainian armed forces have launched a "special operation" against pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country and recaptured a military airfield.

Obama warns Putin in tense exchange

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama at the G20 Summit in St Petersburg last year.

US president Barack Obama has told Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a tense phone call that Moscow would face further costs for its actions in Ukraine.

Nigeria bombing targets commuters

The blast destroyed dozens of buses.

Two rush-hour bombs have killed at least 71 people and wounded many more at a bus station on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital.