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IS accused of ethnic cleansing in Iraq

An Iraqi woman who fled violence in the northern city of Tal Afar walks through the Bahrka camp, in the autonomous Kurdish region.

Amnesty International says it has gathered evidence that shows Islamic State jihadists have been carrying out what it calls a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing in northern Iraq.

Pro-Russian rebels advance in Ukraine

A Ukrainian prisoner-of-war.

Ukrainian forces have suffered a series of setbacks, including being forced to withdraw from Luhansk airport, as pro-Russian rebels advance in the east of the country.

Britain outlines anti-terror measures

British Prime Minister David Cameron.

New powers are needed to seize terrorist suspects' passports and stop British-born extremists from returning to Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

Official heckled over HK poll anger

Benny Tai (right), co-founder of the Occupy Central movement, talks to the media at a rally near the Hong Kong government complex.

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong disrupted a speech explaining voting changes which rule out open nomination of candidates for the chief executive election in 2017.

US Senators urge arms to fight Russia

Pro-Russian fighters sit on a tank in southeast of Donetsk, August 31.

Leading American senators have called for the US to send weapons to help Ukraine fight what they say is 'a Russian invasion' and that President Putin must face a cost for his 'aggression'. (AUDIO)

Breakthrough against IS in Amerli

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters fire towards Islamic State (IS) positions.

Iraqi troops and Shiite militiamen have broken through to end a siege by IS militants on the town of Amerli which has been surrounded by militants for more than two months.

US planes deliver aid, strikes in Iraq

An Iraqi Turkmen Shiite fighter, who volunteered to join the government forces, holding position in Amerli earlier this month.

US planes have made air drops delivering humanitarian aid and carried out strikes against Islamic State positions around the besieged northern Iraqi town of Amerli.

Hundreds injured in Pakistan protest

A Pakistani supporter of the Canadian cleric Tahir ul Qadri returns a tear gas shell towards police during clashes with security forces.

At least 230 people have been wounded in clashes between police and protesters in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, after around 25,000 people marched to the PM's house.

EU warns of new 'cold war' with Russia

Petro Poroshenko

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said there are now thousands of foreign troops and hundreds of tanks in the country, as the European Union warns a "new Cold War" with Russia.

Boy taken from UK hospital found in Spain

Ashya King.

A seriously ill child taken from a British hospital last week by his parents, has been found in the south of Spain. The parents of Ashya King, who has a brain tumour, have been arrested.

Ebola drug ZMapp '100%' effective

Research shows Ebola drug ZMapp is 100 percent effective in monkeys.

The only clinical trial data on the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp shows it is 100 percent effective in monkey studies, even in later stages of the infection, the journal Nature reports.

Myanmar census comes up 9m short

A national census in Myanmar shows it has far fewer people than the 60 million the government had estimated.

Myanmar's first census in more than 30 years has revealed that the country has 9 million fewer people than it thought.

Ukraine may consider joining Nato

Ukraine conflict.

The secretary-general of Nato, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, says the military alliance will fully respect Ukraine's wish to join, if it chooses to do so in the future.

More than 3m Syrians now refugees

Syrian refugee child in Istanbul

More than 3 million Syrians have now fled the civil war ravaging their country to become refugees - 1 million in the past year alone, the UN says, while over 190,000 have died in the conflict.

Malaysia Airlines to shed 6000 staff

The airline has posted its sixth straight quarterly loss.

Malaysia Airlines is to cut 6000 staff and become completely state-owned as part of a recovery plan after being hit by two disasters this year. Trading in its shares has been suspended.

NZ 'disurbed' by Ukraine reports - McCully


Foreign Minister Murray McCully says New Zealand is deeply disturbed by reports Russian troops are involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and international must be obeyed.

Iceland eruption triggers red alert

A sign blocking furthur access to the area around the Bardarbunga volcano.

The Icelandic Met Office has raised its aviation warning level near the Bardarbunga volcano to red after an eruption began.

Nine-year-old shoots gun instructor

A target filled with bullet holes.

A nine-year-old girl in the United States has killed her shooting instructor by accident while being shown how to use a high-powered submachine gun. Charles Vacca was shot in the head.