26 Jun 2013

Inquiry to be held into bailout of Anglo Irish Bank

10:30 am on 26 June 2013

Ireland is opening an inquiry into the bailout of Anglo Irish Bank, following the publication of taped phone conversations between former executives.

Recordings revealed by the Irish Independent newspaper suggest directors may have underplayed the colossal sum needed to fix the bank.

Prime Minister Enda Kenny said on Tuesday that the public must learn the truth of Anglo Irish's collapse.

The recordings, from 2008, include conversations about how the bank went about receiving 7 billion euros (£5.9 billion) of bailout funds. The BBC reports the bank ended up needing much more.

A government rescue package eventually cost Irish taxpayers 30 billion euros (£25 billion) and the bank was nationalised in 2009.

The banking crisis led to Ireland having to ask the International Monetary Fund and the European Union for a 85 billion euro bailout in 2010.