Worry over erosion of democracy sparks protest

12:03 am on 4 December 2012

About 1000 people have protested in Christchurch over issues they see as being underpinned by an erosion of democracy since the earthquakes.

They were demonstrating about a number of issues, including the destruction of heritage buildings, school closures and the extension of the reign of unelected regional council commissioners.

The organisers say all of these issues share the theme of communities being disempowered by top-down decisions from the government, with little in the way of meaningful consultation.

One organiser hoped the turnout on Saturday will make the Government feel nervous.

Christchurch City Councillor Glenn Livingstone said it's time for the council to start standing up to the Government over the changes it's trying to force on the city.

And Mr Livingstone said any attempt to diminish the power of locally-elected representatives diminishes the power of the people who voted for them.

The protest started in Latimer Square and made its way past the earthquake damaged provincial chambers, before finishing in Cranmer Square.