Quake families seek more clarity over lawyer offer

10:26 pm on 23 August 2011

Families of the victims of the Christchurch earthquake have met on Tuesday to discuss the Government's offer of an extra lawyer to work specifically with them at a Royal Commission into the disaster.

The families have asked for a lawyer to work specifically with them at the inquiry which will examine what caused the collapse of the central city buildings which took their loved-ones' lives on 22 February.

The Government initially rejected the families' request for legal aid, but changed its mind on Monday, after they appealed against the decision.

Speaking after the meeting on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the families, Brian Kennedy, said they are appreciative of the Government's offer but want to make sure the lawyer is independent from the commission so they can be represented properly.

The families have gone back to the Government with several points they want clarified before they will accept the offer.