1 Dec 2016

Horticulture export earnings boom

9:27 am on 1 December 2016

A new report shows that the Horticulture Industry has had a 40 percent growth in export earnings in just two years.

Apple trees in orchard.

Horticulture is New Zealand's fourth largest export industry. Photo: 123rf

It found that in the past two years horticultural produce exporters paid an estimated $190 million in tariffs, a reduction of 22 percent on 2012's figure of $241 million.

The New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority and Horticulture New Zealand commission the report every two years, and it's used extensively by government to improve market access.

Horticulture Export Authority chief executive Simon Hegarty said the report confirmed the importance of trade agreements.

"There remains a notable trend for many importing countries to apply non-tariff trade measures (NTMs), such as sanitary and phytosanitary issues, and other technical compliance requirements."

Horticulture is New Zealand's fourth largest export industry with an export revenue of just under $5 billion.

The industry has a goal of doubling this to be a $10 billion industry by 2020.