11 Aug 2012

SPCA wants to stop Wilson owning a pet

4:22 am on 11 August 2012

The SPCA wants multiple rapist Stewart Murray Wilson banned from pet ownership once he's out of jail, due to his bestiality conviction.

Wilson. 65, will leave prison in three weeks on 17 strict release conditions, including one that forces the high-risk offender to live in a house on the Whanganui Prison grounds.

The Parole Board considered preventing the him from having a pet, but ultimately decided he could.

SPCA chief executive Robyn Kippenberger is writing to both the Parole Board and the Corrections Department to ask for the pet restriction to be imposed as soon as possible.

She says she is very disturbed that Wilson could keep a pet when he appears to have no understanding that people and animals have rights.

Wilson applies to Court of Appeal

Wilson is applying to the Court of Appeal against his state supervision until 2025.

After the Parole Board's 17 conditions lapse in 2015, Wilson will be under an extended supervision order until 2025. This was imposed last month by the High Court.

But lawyer Andrew McKenzie says that decision was made prematurely and the duration of the order is too long.

He says Wilson feels he has done his time and should be left in peace.