17 Sep 2012

Report on workplace health and safety released

10:43 pm on 17 September 2012

The Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety says the number of workplace injuries every year would fill Eden Park nearly four times over.

The taskforce has released its report on workplace safety ahead of consultation on ways to improve the country's workplace health and safety record.

Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson says it will be the first major examination of the workplace health and safety system in 20 years.

The taskforce report says about 100 people die each year from workplace accidents, while more than 190,000 people lodge ACC claims.

It puts the cost each year at about $3.5 billion.

Taskforce chair Rob Jager says workplace injury rates in this country are about twice that of Australia and almost six times that of Britain, which he says is simply not good enough and needs to change.

The taskforce is due to report back to Parliament in April next year.