Mother admits selling daughter for sex

4:39 pm on 5 August 2015

A woman who sold her daughter to a 70-year-old neighbour for sex has pleaded guilty.

The woman pleaded guilty to being party to sexual violation and party to attempted sexual violation in the High Court in Auckland today.

In the summary of facts released by the court, the woman and a 70-year-old neighbour developed an arrangement where he would have "access to the complainant for the purposes of sexual gratification".

The neighbour would pay the woman $10-$30, which she told him would go towards the daughter's school lunches but which actually went to her.

It first started when the daughter was nine years old and took place over a six-year period between February 2008 and March 2014.

The man would come to the address regularly on a Saturday night, when the father was out, take the girl into a bedroom and tell her to take her clothes off.

The documents said that daughter would protest and refuse to comply but the mother would threaten her with violence, saying: "Just do what he says or I will give you a hiding."

The summary describes the man sexually violating the girl, and mentions details such as the man trying to encourage her by saying things like "I'm proud of you".

The mother would be in the lounge watching television while this happened, the documents said.

Police got involved after the girl told a friend's mother she did not want to return home.

The mother offered no explanation for her actions except to say she was remorseful and sorry.

The maximum penalty for being party to sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection is 20 years' imprisonment, and 10 years' imprisonment for being party to attempted sexual violation.

Justice Moore granted bail but said that in no way reflected what kind of sentence she would eventually receive.

Crown prosecutor Joshua Shaw said the Crown would be seeking a sentence of imprisonment.

She will be sentenced on 25 September.