4 Nov 2015

Driver defends flaming wall truck stunt

8:19 am on 4 November 2015

The man who drove a truck through a flaming wall with a 13-year-old, wearing a fire retardant suit, in a cage on the front has defended the stunt.

WorkSafe is looking into the stunt performed at the A&P show in Rangiora at Labour Weekend. A video has circulated widely on social media.

Driver Neil Jorgensen, who owns truck business Monster Madness, told Morning Report the girl was the daughter of a family friend and could have jumped off the truck at any time.

"I've known her father for 20-odd years," he said.

"She was willing and wanted to perform the stunt. She's actually quite a good natural at the stunt.

"Her parents were okay with it and obviously they trusted me enough and she wasn't hurt so that trust wasn't broken."

"The family, we all, were discussing stunts ... it just it came up as 'would you like to do that?' - yeah, okay."

Mr Jorgensen said he had since spoken to the girl's family since the event and they were happy.