19 Jun 2011

Taxi firm rejects in-vehicle voice-recording

10:45 am on 19 June 2011

Wellington's biggest taxi company has scrapped plans to use a voice-recording option on its new security camera system, after customers made it clear they don't want their private conversations taped.

From 1 August taxis in larger towns and cities must be fitted with in-vehicle security cameras and have round-the-clock telecommunications support.

The chair of Wellington Combined Taxis, Warren Quirke, says the cameras the company has purchased are also capable of recording sound, which would have been useful in taking action against passengers who make threats against drivers.

But he says the voice-recording facility will not be activated, because some customers have expressed fears about privacy.

Mr Quirke says all 500 of the company's cabs should be fitted with security cameras by the end of next week.