21 Dec 2012

Govts condemn dangerous actions in whaling season

1:01 pm on 21 December 2012

The governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States have released a joint statement condemning any dangerous actions during the upcoming Southern Ocean whaling season.

The joint statement says the governments respect the right to peaceful protest, including on the high seas, and condemn dangerous or unlawful behaviour at sea by any party.

It also says the four countries remain resolutely opposed to commercial whaling, including so-called 'scientific' whaling, in particular in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary established by the International Whaling Commission.

Earlier this week a United States court issued a ruling limiting protest group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's anti-whaling activities in the ocean.

The court has ordered Sea Shepherd's boats to stay at least 450 metres away from Japanese whaling ships.

The conservation group is considering its legal options.