23 Nov 2010

Deep burial considered for diseased kiwifruit vines

10:55 am on 23 November 2010

MAF Biosecurity says deep burial has been identified as a possible longer term solution for kiwifruit vine clippings infected with a bacterial disease.

Hundreds of bags of cuttings from orchards in western Bay of Plenty infected with PSA have been burned at a rural recreational park south of Tauranga during the past few days.

The use of what is called an air curtain incinerator is expected to be reviewed on Tuesday afternoon. The machine works like a bellows, firing temperatures of up to 4000 degrees Celsius.

An incursion investigator for MAF Biosecurity, Kerry Thomas, says burning plant material is not ideal, but the use of the incinerator was suitable in the interim.

Ms Thomas says the incinerator has been used previously to clear an abandoned orchard in Kerikeri.