27 Sep 2011

Avocado exports to Japan set to quadruple

1:18 pm on 27 September 2011

Avocado exporters and industry leaders are attending a gala lunch at the New Zealand embassy in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Japanese importers were hosted in Bay of Plenty last week in a bid to strengthen the import-export relationship.

Team Avocado managing director Alistair Young says exports to Japan will quadruple this season, with a premium price being paid for the fruit due to its superior taste.

Mr Young says the 2011 season, which ends in April next year, looks likely to produce a record 6 million trays of avocados, with 3.8 million to be exported. Half a million will be sent to Japan.

The bulk of avocado exports go to Australia and the remainder to the United States and South-East Asia.

Mr Young says the industry will look to export to China in the next two years.