20 Oct 2011

Bioplastics workshop unveils new products

5:45 am on 20 October 2011

A spoon and knife combination, the spife, partly made from kiwifruit waste, is one of a number of eco-friendly products to be unveiled at a bioplastics workshop in Rotorua on Thursday.

Zespri has been working with the Crown Research Institute Scion to produce the utensil.

Bioplastics are derived from renewable sources, such as plants or bacteria.

A spokesperson for Scion, which is hosting the workshop, Jeremy Warnes says demand for bioplastics products is growing and there have been major developments in the past year.

He says Scion believes there's the opportunity for packaging to reflect New Zealand's push for a clean, green image.

Mr Warnes says bioplastics will help give packaging the sustainability that it requires and bioplastics are also a way of meeting off-shore legislative requirements around packaging.

He says a bio-foam that could replace polystyrene as a packaging material will also be presented at the workshop.