14 May 2013

Aboriginal broadcaster appreciates Maori advocacy

8:18 am on 14 May 2013

An aboriginal radio station in Sydney says the Maori people in the community are very supportive of indigenous Australians and have a way of connecting with them in a way other people can not.

Radio Koori based in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, where there is a significant aboriginal community, broadcasts Maori programmes Te Reo o Poihakena and Tangata Whenua.

Station manager Lily Shearer of the Muruwaroi aboriginal nation says the Maori broadcasters who work at her radio station are aware of the plight of indigenous Australians.

She says they go out of the way to stand up for aboriginal rights.

Ms Shearer says the two Maori radio shows add value to what the station does by bringing Maori and aboriginal people together.

She says Maori people seem to have a good appreciation of indigenous rights, and have a deep understanding and respect for indigenous Australian culture.