21 Oct 2012

Israeli navy stops Gaza bound ship

6:08 pm on 21 October 2012

The ship that was intercepted on Saturday by the Israeli navy while trying to reach Gaza has arrived in the Israeli port of Ashdod.

The Finish-flagged Estelle left Naples on 7 October with some 30 people of eight different nationalities aboard.

The Israeli military said the ship would be searched and all those on board, including five European parliamentarians, would be questioned and deported within three days.

It said there was no resistance from the activists and the Israeli military did not use force.

The BBC reports that Israel tightened the blockade after the Islamist group Hamas came to power in the coastal sliver in 2007.

Israel is enforcing a naval blockade to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.

Activists say the ship was carrying educational supplies.