13 Jan 2013

Officials hold crisis talks over Pakistan bomb blasts

8:37 am on 13 January 2013

Pakistani officials are holding crisis talks with Shia protesters in the city of Quetta who are demanding protection after bomb blasts killed nearly 100 people.

The minority Shia community has refused to bury the dead, barricading a road with coffins of the victims for a second day.

In the attack, a suicide bomber detonated his device at a snooker hall late on Thursday and a car bomb was detonated minutes later as police, rescuers and media arrived. Most of the dead were from Quetta's 500,000-strong Hazara Shia community.

Demonstrators have taken over a road close to the snooker hall. A BBC correspondent reports the shrouded bodies of about 50 victims of the bombings were laid out between protesters.

The refusal to bury the dead is an extreme protest in Islamic society, where people are normally buried the same day they die, the correspondent says.