9 Sep 2010

Total power failure but airliner safely landed

6:01 am on 9 September 2010

The pilots of a Russian airliner has been praised for a safe emergency landing after the plane suffered a total power failure while flying from Siberia to Moscow.

All 81 passengers and crew emerged unscathed.

The Tupolev-154 lost power at 10,600 metres but the pilots managed to land it on a disused Siberian military airstrip with only minimal damage to the plane, the BBC reports.

With the fuel pump, navigation equipment and radio paralysed, they had to glide the aircraft down. It overshot the end of the tarmac by about 200 metres before coming to a stop in a bog, according to an official statement.

All 72 passengers were flown to Moscow on another plane, with the exception of a couple who preferred to go by train.

Russian blogs and social networking sites are celebrating the incident as a "miracle" and the pilots as "heroes".