3 Oct 2010

US attacks kill suspected Pakistan militants

12:10 pm on 3 October 2010

As many as 18 people have been been killed in two attack by US drones in Pakistan's north-western tribal area.

The attacks bring the total number of strikes by pilotless American aircraft to 25 in the past 29 days, part of an apparent crackdown on insurgents on the border.

At least 150 people, militants and civilians, have died in these strikes.

Reuters cites intelligence officials as saying 18 militants were killed, while the BBC put the figure at at least nine.

The latest attacks come amid a row between NATO and Pakistan after a cross-border strike killed three Pakistani troops.

In response to the heightened tension, Pakistan has stopped some NATO supplies crossing to Afghanistan.

The Pakistani troops died when helicopters strayed into Pakistani territory while chasing Taliban militants from Afghanistan.