31 Oct 2010

Honduras shooting leaves 14 people dead

8:08 pm on 31 October 2010

Gunmen in Honduras have shot dead at least 14 people at a football field in the city of San Pedro Sula.

The killers arrived in two vehicles and started shooting at a group preparing for a football match.

The BBC reports that the motive for the attack is not clear, but one official suggested it may have been a settling of accounts between criminal gangs.

Last month 18 people were killed in a similar attack on a shoe factory in San Pedro Sula.

Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with much of the killing blamed on violent gangs known as Maras.

The biggest gangs have thousands of members and a presence throughout Central America as well as in the US.

Police blamed the attack on the shoe factory on street gangs with links to Mexican drugs cartels.