29 Dec 2010

At least 80 dead since Christmas Eve in Nigeria

7:02 am on 29 December 2010

At least 80 people have been killed in central Nigeria in a series of bombings and subsequent reprisals.

An emergency management agency says it has based the figure on information from local hospitals.

The agency says nearly 190 more people have been wounded.

The BBC reports the violence began on Christmas Eve, with bombs near the city of Jos, where there is ethnic and religious hostility. Analysts say the underlying issues are political and economic.

Armed police patrolled the streets in Jos and surrounding areas on Tuesday to deter further unrest.

Ayo Oritsjafor, head of the Christian Association of Nigeria, accused politicians of trying to exploit religion to whip up trouble.

I believe there are politicians in this country who know the weaknesses of our people, he told the BBC.

Some of them are creating these kind of problems to make Nigeria ungovernable.