18 Dec 2011

Four die in day-long clashes

6:52 am on 18 December 2011

At least four people have been killed and 250 injured in Egypt, during clashes in the capital, Cairo between protestors and security forces.

The trouble broke out early on Friday when troops tried to end a protest camp outside parliament and continued into the night.

Protestors threw stones at riot police who responded with water cannon.

Petrol bombs were also thrown at the security forces.

The ABC reports the clashes were the bloodiest since five days of protests in November killed more than 40 people just ahead of the first general election since President Mubarak was ousted.

The protestors have been calling for an immediate handover to civilian rule in Egypt.

A second round of parliamentary elections was held this week in which Islamist parties consolidated their lead over liberal and secular parties.

The Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood won more than 36% of the vote in the first round last month.