3 Nov 2011

Key and Goff trade shots over the state of the economy

1:25 pm on 3 November 2011

John Key and Phil Goff have traded shots over their respective plans for the economy during an at times rowdy public debate in Christchurch.

The two leaders of the major parties spent the best part of two hours debating each other, in front of a crowd of about 600.

After a relatively restrained first hour discussing the rebuild of Christchurch, the two leaders took the gloves off when it came to the economy.

Mr Key targeted Labour's spending promises, repeatedly asking Mr Goff where Labour would find $14 billion to cover its policies.

He told the crowd Labour must have plans for more taxes to cover its costs.

Mr Goff struggled to deflect the attack, but fired back that it makes no sense to sell the Government's best performing assets.

And he said it was Mr Key who had implemented a surprise tax rise with his GST hike, after ruling out such a move before the last election.