Election 2014

John Key and David Cunliffe

Key and Cunliffe face off in Chch

National Party leader John Key and Labour Leader David Cunliffe have faced off in The Press Leaders Debate at St Margaret's College in Christchurch tonight.

New Zealand passport

Labour would reinstate 10 yr passports

The Labour Party wants a return to 10-year passports and a review of locations and nature of gambling outlets in neighbourhoods as part of its Internal Affairs policy.

Metiria Turei said the Greens aimed to ensure all workers had enough money to live on.

Greens announce workers' package

The Green Party is proposing to lift the minimum wage to $18 an hour by 2017 and to introduce a living wage for the Government sector. (VIDEO)

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POLL of POLLS with Colin James

Two new polls have affirmed a drop in National's support since July. To govern at the new level it would need, at most, support from ACT and United Future.

Party leaders video 2

Leaders talk about their top goals

Under the grill - We asked the leaders of parties represented in parliament what they would most like to achieve if they are re-elected? (VIDEO)

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AUCKLAND - A bigger role?

The traditional question of "what Auckland wants" from a post-September government is beginning to change as the region's single council gets into its stride. It is one of The Big Issues. (VIDEO)

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