Election 2014

David Cunliffe thanked supporters and said he had congratulated John Key.

Cunliffe fronts up to Labour caucus

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe will face tough questions when he addresses party colleagues at this morning's first meeting of the caucus since the election drubbing.

John Key, right, meets with United Future Leader Peter Dunne.

Dunne, Seymour seek ministerial jobs

Both United Future leader Peter Dunne and Act MP David Seymour are angling for ministerial positions in a new government. (VIDEO)

David Cunliffe.

Tussling starts for Labour's top job

Labour needs to take a serious look at how it relates to the public following Saturday's disastrous election result, senior MP Grant Robertson says. (AUDIO)

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POLL of POLLS with Colin James

National got 48.1% on election night figures, while the Poll of Polls trend was pointing to 47.5%, which is where National will end up if it loses 0.6% on special votes as happened in 2011.

Dog and cat

Party leaders talk about themselves

Under the grill - In our final question to the leaders of parties represented in parliament, we asked what they prefered most - cats or dogs? (VIDEO)

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POVERTY - Dominating the political debate

Poverty and inequality look set to dominate debate this election with both the Labour and Green parties promoting policies they say will reduce the gap between rich and poor. It is one of the The Big Issues.

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