13 May 2002

Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement complains about army commander

4:24 pm on 13 May 2002

The Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement says it has lodged a complaint with the director of the office of public prosecutions and the police against the army commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, over some of his decisions shortly after the coup two years ago.

Its president, James Bachu, alleges that there was criminal intent in the commander's decision to do away with the constitution.

Mr Bachu also says his movement wants to have those behind the coup named.

He says the constitution was upheld by the Lautoka high court in late 2000 which he says makes Commodore Bainimarama's actions motre questionable.

"There was no reason whatsoever for the commander to revoke the constitution in the first place. I mean if he was upholding the rule of law and he had no legal reason whatsoever to revoke the constitution other than if he had other criminal intention and we would like to prove that criminal intention"

James Bachu of the Fiji Citizens Freedom Movement