4 Jun 2002

Leading Pacific politician says parties must learn to accommodate each other

5:14 am on 4 June 2002

A leading regional politician and trade unionist says the Westminster system of government won't work in the Pacific because political parties prefer to rule alone.

The Fiji Times says the comment was made by the leader of the Solomon Islands Labour Party, Joses Tuhanuku, at the annual convention of the Fiji Labour party in Suva at the weekend.

Mr Tuhanuku is reported to have said that the concept of a multi party Cabinet cannot succeed as all parties want to outwit one another in order to rule.

He said the Westminster form of government advocates power sharing which is not practiced in the Pacific.

Instability was rampant throughout the Pacific, he said, because people were not willing to espouse the idea of multi party governance.

As well, Pacific Islanders are struggling to grasp the English form of governance without any success.

Mr Tuhanuku said unless political parties genuinely accommodate each other in Cabinet and work together there will be instability