19 Jun 2002

Solomon Islands PM opposes waste import

9:27 am on 19 June 2002

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, says his country remains opposed to any form of dangerous toxic waste being dumped in his country or anywhere else in the South Pacific.

In the clearest statement on the subject yet, Sir Allan says his country's environment is not for sale.

He says recent moves by some groups to promote waste dumping schemes have failed to get proper scientific and environmental assessments.

His comments is a reference to a plan by Taiwanese and Solomons groups to send millions of tons of hazardous waste from Taiwan to Makira for an upfront fee of 200 million US dollars.

Sir Allan says a recent assurance by the Taiwanese government that it would never grant an export licence for such waste is pleasing.

He says while his adminsitration could not stop groups proposing such schemes, it will ensure that nothing dangerous will be deumped in Solomon Islands.