27 Jun 2002

Board members of Fiji's Public Service Credit Union accused of abusing union funds

9:47 am on 27 June 2002

An audit report into the Fiji Public Service Credit Union has exposed a massive scandal involving loans to senior public servants.

The Fiji Times reports that board members of the credit union have given themselves large loans well in excess of what they are allowed to by the rules and are paying back much less than what they should be.

This has resulted in extra interest costs amounting to thousands of dollars.

as well, board members have been paying themselves amounts equivalent to daily allownces for each hours work, the chairman was buying fuel for his car amounting to more than one thousand US dollars a month and incurring other expenses in breach of the rules.

Credit union members say the total amount of funds abused by executives could be well over half a million dollars.

The general manager of the credit union, Esiki Tukana, says all discrepancies have been rectified and would be explained to members at a special general meeting on Saturday.