19 Sep 2002

Former Fiji army officer warns against dictatorship

4:13 pm on 19 September 2002

A former Fiji army officer, who took court action for his resignation to be accepted, has accused some individuals in authority of failing to understand that nobody is above the law.

Lt-Col Filipo Tarakininkini made the comment to the Daily Post newspaper from New York after a Fiji court ruled that the army had to accept his resignation.

He did not name the individuals who he says think they have the power to play with the rule of the land.

He also says the people of Fiji should not allow a dictatorship of any form to eventuate.

Lt-Col Filipo Tarakininkini took court action after the army refused to accept his resignation and demanded that he return to Fiji to answer questions about his role in the coup and army mutiny two years ago.

His lawyer says that he will seek compensation while the army is considering to appeal the ruling.