26 Sep 2002

Still no payout for redundant Solomon Islands public servants

6:13 am on 26 September 2002

Solomon Islanders who were made redundant under the public service down-sizing exercise are yet to be paid by the government.

The former Director of the Traffic Department in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, Solomon Kari, says it's unfair to expect those who have been made redundant to remain in Honiara without their redundancy package.

Mr Kari, who was himself made redundant uner the down-sizing, says if public servants are not being paid and suffering as a result, it is worse for those who have no source of income.

He says many of those made redundant are still waiting for their payout so they can return to their villages and start small income generating projects to help their families.

Mr Kari says many of them have been waiting more than a year for their redundancy pay.

The government plans to lay off more than two thousand public servants in an effort to cut its wages bill.