27 Sep 2002

Solomon Islands public employees union says government actions are immoral

10:42 am on 27 September 2002

The General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union, Clement Waiwori, says the Government's failure to pay workers made redundant a year ago is immoral.

He says more than 200 former employees are waiting to be paid, while the government is now preparing to make another 1300 redundant in an effort to reduce its spending.

Mr Waiwori says they'll be presenting their redundancy agreements for both groups to government officials within the next couple of days, and hope to hear from them by next week.

But he says the Government cannot continue to ignore its responsibility.

"You can't just put people out of the job by way of redundantcy, with out paying them, that is, I think, immoral, and it will affect not themselves but also their families and children who have been attending schools."