4 Aug 2003

Former Kiribati president to push for change to media laws

4:15 pm on 4 August 2003

A former president of Kiribati, Ieremia Tabai, is to push for a change to the media laws in the country.

Mr Tabai, who owns the independent newspaper and a new radio station, is now an MP for the ruling Boutokaan Te Koaua, BTK, party.

He says he would like to see changes made to the Newspaper Registration Act, which was brought in by the previous government.

"It makes it hard for the papers to operate... many people out there are not happy with the legislation they have brought in...... now that we are in government, I hope very strongly that we can change that law and we are going to make it easier for the media to operate"

Ieremia Tabai, of the BTK party.