12 Aug 2003

PNG launch anti-corruption alliance

5:50 pm on 12 August 2003

The public and private sector in Papua New Guinea is to launch a concerted attempt to clamp down on public sector corruption.

The National Anti-Corruption Alliance will bring together the expertise of government agencies such as the Ombudsman Commission, the departments of Finance, the Prime Minister, the Auditor General and Attorney General.

A PNG Government official Mathew Yuangu says it will focus on public sector fraud and corruption committed by officials not covered by the Leadership Code.

Mr Yaungu says there is no secret about the level of corruption within the public sector in PNG, but action has been lacking.

"There has been no decisive action on the whole government approach to addressing corruption so now it is a number one priority with this current government, so we are pushing the initiative to set up a national body that would focus on combating corruption."

A PNG government official, Mathew Yuangu.