2 Dec 2003

Vanuatu's Ambae island has bumper mango crop

11:29 am on 2 December 2003

A Vanuatu businessman on Ambae says there are so many mangoes this season they are causing what they describe as pollution.

This follows reports of every tree in the north east coast of the island being overweighed by mangoes.

Marsden Vuvu says this is the best season yet, but it's problematic.

"Now we have more mangoes than last year. This simply means the trees that didn't bear fruit the last two, three years they all have fruits this year, so that's why we have more fruit than people can eat, and so they fall to the ground and get rotten."

Mr Vuvu says the biggest inconvenience from the rotting mangoes are the hoards of flies and rotting smells.

He believes the solution is for someone to start a mango export business.