14 May 2004

Opposition backs call for Solomons truth commission

10:51 am on 14 May 2004

The Opposition in Solomon Islands has supported calls for an independent commission to look into the ethnic unrest in the last decade.

The Opposition's spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Alfred Sasako, says he backs calls for an inquiry by Andrew Nori, the former spokesperson for one of the militia groups, the Malaita Eagle Force.

Mr Sasako says it's illogical for the police to carry out their own separate investigation into the June 2000 coup, because it's linked to the ethnic violence.

He says a commission is the only appropriate way to uncover the truth.

"It is the only forum that would give, not only the protection, but the opportunity, to individuals who have been subjected to sub-human treatment, to come forward, and also to inform not only the Solomon Islands' public, but the international community at large, of who the perpetrators of these whole activities were."