7 Jun 2004

Pressure on for Marshall Islands to meet strict new port security requirements by July 1st deadline

3:40 pm on 7 June 2004

One of two major sea ports in the Marshall Islands needs to improve its security arrangements before new requirements come into force at the beginning of July.

Port Authority director Joe Tiobech said Majuro will be ready to meet the deadline, but the port at Ebeye Island, a short distance from the U.S. Army-run missile testing range at Kwajalein, is not in compliance.

A port security committee, set up by the government, conducted assessments of Majuro, Ebeye and Jaluit, the three ports that receive international vessels in the Marshall Islands.

Main security issues at Ebeye¹s dock include the need for a perimeter fence around the dock, gates and check point control, and improved lighting.

The committee met with Ebeye authorities during the review, and expects to make another visit in the coming weeks in an effort to resolve security issues at the port.