12 Jul 2004

SDL accuses Fiji's Labour leader of "arrogance"

9:35 am on 12 July 2004

Fiji's ruling SDL party says the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry's call to the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, to dismantle his cabinet is "plain arrogance."

The SDL's national director, Jale Baba, has told the Fiji Times that any party wanting to join the SDL in government should be willing to accept its policies and work together to achieve them.

Mr Baba says if Mr Chaudhry is really concerned about the cost of a 36-member cabinet, then he should stay in the opposition.

Mr Baba says politicians should amend the constitutional requirement for a multi-party cabinet.

Meanwhile, the New Labour Unity Party MP, Ofa Duncan, has repeated her call on Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry to resign, saying they lack maturity and wisdom.

Ms Duncan says the two men are too embedded in their own ways to compromise and do not have what it takes to move Fiji towards prosperity.