16 Jul 2004

Solomon Islands police looking for New Zealander

5:13 pm on 16 July 2004

Solomon Islands police are searching for a New Zealander suspected of conspiring with a Solomon Islander to kill a Fiji Indian in the country.

The Solomon Islander, Honiara businessman Rolland Timo, has already been charged with the alleged plot to kill Raju Keniapa of Fiji.

But investigator, Sergeant Bridget Dowell of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, has told the Central Magistrates Court in Honiara that they are looking for the New Zealander Tony Whittal to face a similar charge .

Whittal is believed to be a business colleague of Mr Timo in the logging industry

Sergeant Dowell told the court that the two men allegedly plotted to kill Raju last August.

The plot failed when a hired police hitman refused to carry out the assignment.

Whittal has already left Solomon Islands but RAMSI police are said to be working with their overseas counterparts in their search to apprehend him.