26 Jul 2004

Solomons minister warns against intelligence abuse by politicians

2:14 pm on 26 July 2004

The Solomon Islands police minister has warned against politicians using police intelligence for their own motivations.

Michael Maina made the comments while opening a new office complex for the National Intelligence Unit within the Royal Solomon Islands Police in Honiara over the weekend.

Mr Maina said police intelligence should only be used for one purpose, the interest of the country as a whole.

"In the past, ministers police ministers, prime ministers have gone out to collect their own information without realising that it has too caused problems with other people they have used. Some of them have subjected themselves to being harassed by other people, including police and other people in the community. So it is important that the collection of intelligence information is properly coordinated. There is only authority and that is the Commissioner of Police."

Mr Maina says to avoid such incidences happening again, the newly established National Intelligence Unit must be better coordinated and answer to one authority.