2 Sep 2004

PNG AIDS workers to re-focus prevention efforts

10:29 am on 2 September 2004

Health workers trying to stem an increase in HIV/Aids infections in Papua New Guinea, have scrapped a programme which had aimed to make the whole community aware of the epidemic.

The Western Highlands Aids Council says the area's seen a rise in the number of cases as it's often a wayside rest for travellers.

The organisation's response co-ordinator, Joshua Menenga, says the council had tried to make the community as a whole, aware of the dangers of Aids.

But in a change of tack, Mr Menenga says the organisation now just has high-risk areas in its sights.

"Ok, with that identification, we're now trying to set up site committees, where areas like the guest-houses, hotels, clubs, and entertainment centres, that would be one of the committees that we'd like to form, to involve people who are directly involved in unsafe sex practices."

Joshua Menenga of the Western Highlands Aids Council