25 Oct 2004

Gaston Flosse says he will bring defamation suit against former French Prime Minister

4:30 pm on 25 October 2004

French Polynesia's veteran leader Gaston Flosse says he will bring a defamation case against the former French Prime Minister.

Laurent Fabius of the Socialist Party alleged in a media interview that Mr Flosse was one of the most corrupt politicians in the republic.

He made the comment after Mr Flosse was re-elected to the presidency in a vote described by the speaker as illegal.

Last week it was revealed that Mr Flosse is again under investigation for alleged corruption.

He was convicted for corruption in the past but all his convictions have been quashed on appeal.

Meanwhile the MP who switched sides to bring down the Temaru-led coalition, Noa Tetuanui, says he will also take legal action for defamation.

He says he will seek compensation from the French press for having soiled his name without having any proof.