29 Nov 2004

Gaston Flosse may walk away from talks because of continuing occupation

5:05 pm on 29 November 2004

One of French Polynesia's political leaders, Gaston Flosse, is threatening to walk away from talks in Paris to resolve the territory's political crisis.

A spokesperson for Mr Flosse's administration, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, says supporters of Oscar Temaru, a rival claimant to the presidency, are still occupying the presidential palace despite the Supreme Court ordering them to leave.

An agreement had been reached at Paris that fresh general elections would be held if the occupation was to end.

Mr Bouissou says that's now under question and Mr Flosse may leave Paris and return to the territory to implement an earlier High court ruling on partial elections.

He says force will NOT be used to end the occupation.

"We'll probably go to election in February, here in Tahiti and Moorea, so they can stay over there in the building. And, well, the people will have to choose between people not respecting the law, and the government of Mr Flosse."

A spokesperson for Mr Flosse's administration, Jean Christophe Bouissou.