15 Dec 2004

Vanuatu's new government stresses its commitment to good governance

11:15 am on 15 December 2004

Vanuatu's new Government says it is committed to good governance.

The new Foreign Minister Sato Kilman says good governance is the basis of development in today's world.

His comments come after Australia had earlier this month threatened to reduce its aid to Vanuatu if it did not work to improve governance and combat corruption.

Those comments had been directed at the Vohor Government which was toppled last Friday in a vote of no confidence.

Mr Kilman says the new administration recognizes the importance of good governance, though it has concerns about the some of the activities of its biggest aid donor.

However he says Australia, as a near neighbour, is the one country that Vanuatu cannot escape from.

"And I think if there are any differences then that is the reason that we have governments, we have embassies, to have these problems ironed these things out. Yes we have reservations about certain things but I think we can build on with the systems we have."