20 Dec 2004

Solomon Islands looks for solutions to future food shortages

7:03 pm on 20 December 2004

The Director of the National Disaster Council in Solomon Islands says rural villagers need to be taught how to plant new crops to combat food shortages.

Loti Yates says unusually heavy rains earlier in the year have decimated crops in South Guadalcanal and some villages in Makira and Malaita provinces.

The Council has presented a report to cabinet, giving two options to deal with food shortages in those areas.

Mr Yates says in the short-term, the government could provide emergency rations.

However he says the best initiative would be for the Department of Agriculture to educate the villagers on new methods of planting.

"To look at assisting communities or be more proactive in getting down to the village level and assist people with improving food security, alternate food cropping or what sort of crops could grow well."

Loti Yates.