14 Mar 2005

French Polynesian GIP boss claims Flosse manoeuvre in insubordination

4:27 pm on 14 March 2005

The new head of French Polynesia's presidential intervention group, Robert Maker, says he still enjoys the support from President Oscar Temaru despite being barred from its headquarters.

The group, known as GIP, was set up in the 1990's as a disaster relief team but some of its members have been described as the private police of the former President Gaston Flosse.

Mr Maker says he won't rule out disciplining those GIP members who refuse to follow his instructions but prefers to persuade them to join the majority of the 1,100 GIP members loyal to the government.

"This is manipulated by Mr Flosse and Mr Puputauki. The main problem of the GIP is that we have a conflict of many interest, particular interest between the GIP and all those companies working with and in relation with the GIP."

Robert Maker