21 Apr 2005

Fiji opposition leader seeks action on Seruvakula report

10:26 am on 21 April 2005

Fiji's opposition leader is seeking an urgent meeting with the police commissioner and the military commander on revelations made in the police statement of Lt Col Viliame Seruvakula.

Fiji TV says Mahendra Chaudhry will seek answers from Andrew Hughes and Commodore Bainimarama on how they have used the information provided by Lt Col Seruvakula in their coup investigations.

Excerpts of the statement made public so far indicate the army officer detailed how he was offered 156-thouand US dollars as a bribe to take his troops in support of the coup.

The officer also named a Fiji Indian businessman alleged to have been one of the financiers of the coup and implicated some police in the coup based on a visit he made to the Central Police Station on the day the Chaudhry government was overthrown.

Mr Chaudhry says it is hard to believe that police have taken no action on the information in the Seruvakula statement and that no one has been charged or taken to court.

Mr Chaudhry says he wants answers from the police commissioner and the military.

Meanwhile, police have used a serah warrant to force Fiji TV to surrender all copies of the Seruvakula statement.

they are demanding to know who leaked the document but Fiji TV is refusing to disclose its source.