4 Jun 2005

Police in fraud probe search home of former French Polynesian president

4:09 am on 4 June 2005

Reports from French Polynesia say police have searched the home of the former president, Gaston Flosse, as part of an inquiry into alleged fraud.

The Tahiti newspaper, Les Nouvelles, reports six investigators from the Paris-based fraud squad searched the residence of Mr Flosse.

The newspaper reports the investigators were acting on orders by a local judge.

Judge Anne Barriol, based in the French Polynesian capital, Papeete, has been presiding over an inquiry into the alleged misuse of public funds.

The current president Oscar Temaru, lodged the complaint against unknown persons in October.

The newspaper reports the investigators have now left French Polynesia, with "their arms full of documents relating to the enquiry".

For the last fortnight, the newspaper reports, the Parisian investigators have searched the headquarters of the party led by Mr Flosse, the Tahoeraa Huiraatira.

They've also reportedly searched the home of the pearl businessman Robert Wan, and several administration offices.