16 Feb 2006

Tokelau votes to remain NZ colony

8:58 pm on 16 February 2006

Tokelau has voted to remain a colony of New Zealand during a referendum on its political future,

The referendum on whether to go ahead with Self-Determination in Association with New Zealand was undertaken in Tokelau and Samoa over the last week.

Results through have shown that 349 people voted to change the Tokelau's status, 232 voted against and there were 3 invalid votes.

For Tokelau's political status to change there had to be a 66 percent majority.

People voting for change made up 60 percent of the total poll.

Our reporter in Tokelau, Sara Vui-Talitu, was there when results were announced.

"I think for a lot of people in the room they probably felt a little bit disappointed with a lot of work that has gone into this vote on this referendum in the hope that Tokelau would start the process of decolinasation this year, whereas others have looked quite relieved in that they feel that Tokelau needs probably more consulation and more talks and needs to keep the pace very slow in order for Tokelau to change its status."

Our reporter in Tokelau, Sara Vui-Talitu.