10 May 2006

Guam schools ban bags and bottles after recent explosion

5:38 pm on 10 May 2006

The Guam Education Department has banned all school bags and drink bottles at high schools on the island because of ongoing bomb threats, including a chemical explosion last month which injured three students.

The Department spokesman Gerry Cruz says some parents and students have understandably reacted negatively to the ban which will last the rest of the school year.

However Mr Cruz says there is a need to protect people at the school from any danger.

"In light of what has happened a few years ago, the 9/11 incident and of course in 1999 the Columbine school incident, where a student came into the school with a weapon and mudered teachers and students in a cafeteria, so in light of those events we have to consider the overall safety of the students and staff."

Mr Cruz says police are continuing to investigate last month's blast and also the numerous bomb threats that have been made this year.